Russia is so much more than the obvious landmarks and popular names.

Russia is a place that will transfix you by combining legendary history, striking architecture, rich cultural norms & an inspiring combination of old and new.

This creates an atmosphere that will leave lasting memories of Russia.

If Russia, in your mind, means a rich tapestry of historic references from the Tsars to Soviet Russia, we create experiences that lift these off the page. If it means the Romanov family, Anastasia, and Doctor Zhivago, we can inspire you with stories you will always remember. If it means Barishnikov, the Bolshoi, the Hermitage and Faberge we will create memories around these legendary names that you cannot wait to share.

In everything we do, all of our favourite activities, we think about it as if it was a programme for ourselves.

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We always aim to bring energy, sparkle and our own Russian Event twist to everything we do:

  • Find your feet with Champions on Russian Ice by meeting and skating with Russian Ice Skating Olympians
  • Uncover hidden soviet secrets by looking behind the ‘blinded door’. A KGB historian will reveal Soviet secrets in an unknown Stalin bunker
  • Find your racing gear as you experience F1 in the driving seat at Sochi
  • Glimpse behind the curtain into an unseen ballet world – The birthplace of Russian ballet – Explore the Vaganova Ballet Academy & let its students bring every aspect of their ballet training to life for you
  • Find your inner artist by creating your own idea of Russian modern art with your own artist to guide your brushstrokes
  • Turn vodka into an icy experience by tasting caviar and vodka under the stars. Sipping from your ice glass with only the lights of the Red Square to take in
  • Enjoy a galactic moment & defy gravity with Russian astronauts at the Star City cosmonaut training center
  • Open the door to your own palace as you step into a gala event with a difference. Arrive in a former soviet Tchaika limo, before taking a glimpse at the regal serenity of our palaces, surrounded by Faberge, you will sip champagne and enjoy an experience like no other.
  • A white night will lure you to dance till dawn on board a wonderful cruise, floating down the Neva River
  • A unique viewing at the Hermitage with its 3,000,000 exhibits will be unlocked for you and your guests to enjoy in private
  • Find your inner 007 with your very own James Bond rally – with your own ‘Bond Girls’, villains and mission to take on as you navigate the streets of our cities
  • Enjoy a musical extravaganza by singing with the Red Army choir and dancing with Cossacks