RUSSIAN EVENT is a full service destination management company.

We are a group of passionate travel professionals whose extensive experience in the industry creates the right framework for an unforgettable incentive.

We want you to think of an incentive to Russia as a once in a lifetime experience.

We work in partnership with you to bring your ideas and requests to life.

Our delivery, and exceptionally high quality service is what keeps our customers coming back for more.

We don’t offer you an activity, we offer you an event. An experience to remember. A lifetime of memories.

Valeria Gorbokon

Managing Director

My little piece of Russia everyone should know about:
There is nothing quite like the magic & elegance of watching a private ballet or opera performance. The thrill of experiencing something so powerful, and knowing that it is exclusively for you is a wonderful feeling. I love that Russia offers these opportunities.

My global escape
The world holds many treasures. The way I have decided to visit them is with the help of my 11-year-old grandson, Stepan. We travel together to places that he wants to explore. Seeing the excitement on his face when we discover these places makes it even more special.

My ultimate adventure
Creating Russian Event as a business, seeing it inspire people, helping it grow & crafting it’s future has been my ultimate adventure. No day is ever the same, we are constantly learning and dreaming up new ideas to better serve our clients.

What I love most about running a program in Russia:
It is all about being able to showcase the unique nature of Russia, everything we do really sets a new standard - we set the bar at exceptional. Seeing the look on someone’s face when they experience that is really special for me & the team.

Olga Shishkova

Operations Director

My piece of Russia:
Ballet has always been in my blood, the perfect blend of dedication and artistry. I can remember vividly peering from behind the main stage curtain like a child with excitement at the Mariinsky Theater waiting to catch the first glimpse of the prima ballerina about to take to the stage. I could almost imagine myself taking her first graceful and powerful steps to the rapture of the audience....

My global escape
I have always loved a combination of history, culture and great food. So for me, my global escape would be the Greek Islands. The seat of ancient civilization and with food delivered fresh from the sea. A chance to indulge the senses in every way and a perfect opportunity to relax and unwind.

My ultimate adventure:
Crossing the desert in Namibia and assisting with the conservation of elephants. The gentle giants of the planet who are in such need of support in today's modern world as their existence is in juxtaposition with their human neighbors in terms of the battle for fertile land and hunters looking to exploit them. A truly humbling experience.

What I love most about running a programme in Russia:
Russia has so much to offer, so much to see and is so often misunderstood by those outside her borders. I love being able to show people all of the amazing things they would never have imagined existed. From palaces, entertainment, food, sights and sounds. I love the look of surprise and delight on our guests faces as they are amazed with not only the creativity but also the quality of what we can help them experience, safe within our expert guidance.

Polina Melnikova

Project Manager

My little piece of Russia everyone should know about
The magnificent parks and palaces of Imperial residencies outside St.Petersburg. When I was a child, every weekend my father would take me to Pavlovsk, Tsarskoe Selo or Peterhof. I would walk around those lavishly decorated halls and imagine gracefully dancing figures of the royal family.

My global escape
The UK has always attracted me with its history, culture, language, and people. I was overwhelmed by the quietness and comfort of the heartwarming British villages. Thatched cottages surrounded by hills and rivers, small cobbled streets, old-fashioned shops and local garage sales make me feel at home.

My ultimate adventure
For several years, I have been dreaming about going to Mexico. Get acquainted with its rich cultural heritage, visit the Mayan Metropolis of Chichén Itzá, taste the country's culinary creations and celebrate the colourful Día de los Muertos in order to get lost and get found.

What I love most about running a program in Russia
Doing things that seem impossible at first and seeing the amazed faces of our guests. Russia is so vast and diverse that we can offer an endless number of activities. Each program is unique and we have to broaden our minds, find new approaches to the well-known things and show Russia from a different angle to our guests who make everything even more special.

Valerya Agafonova

Project Manager

My little piece of Russia everyone should know about
My hometown of Voronezh. It is an old Russian city with its own unique history. Voronezh suffered greatly from such disasters as fires and wars, but each time it was destroyed, it was then rebuilt anew. The citizens of this city are descendants of heroes, who fought bravely to defend their families and their city. I am proud of my hometown, and I want everyone to know that such a place exists in Russia.

My global escape
The frozen lakes of Finland. They provide a great sense of peace and unity with nature. Surrounded by beautiful winter forests these lakes take you away from the hustle and bustle of every day life. I love the idea that I can just put on my skis and glide on the impeccably even surface of the lake, listening to my favourite music on a calm and sunny winter day.

My ultimate adventure
A trip to Japan. To me travel is about seeing new things and meeting new people. When I go somewhere I haven't been before, I want to experience something new. I feel that Japan is going to amaze me. It is so different from the rest of the world!

What I love most about running a programme in Russia
The feeling of accomplishment while sharing our culture with other people. When you have a treasure, it is worthless if you can't show it or share it with anyone. For me Russian culture is our nation's treasure, and we love to showcase it for our clients.